Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday Confessional 3


I confess that at this moment in my life I weigh more than I ever have before.
My tummy is still flat, but let's just say I am becoming a bit more "curvaceous" than what I am used to.
Which, is lovely. 
However, the dilemma is staying at this weight and not gaining ANY more pounds.

Speaking of weight, I confess that I cannot stand when people wear clothes that are too small for them. 
There are flattering clothes for every body type, find them.
If God made you a size large, stop trying to fit into an extra small.
It's disgusting.

I confess that I am a nerd. 
I look forward to my Constitutional Law class every Tues./Thurs.
And, as mentioned in my roommate's blog, my roommate and I find attempting to name all 50 states and their capitals entertaining.

I confess that I have stared at the screen for ten minutes debating on whether or not to end this post by confessing a certain thing.

Maybe next week ;)


  1. I hear ya on people wearing clothes that aren't really for their body type. I work with a girl like that. Happy Friday!

  2. If only people (women) would get over the number on the tag and just go for what fits well, not what they can squeeze into. Although I'm still hung on the number sometimes myself.

  3. Totally agree about clothing to small...

  4. YES! It's the whole "spandex is a privelege, not a right" thing. Seriously, people! And really - it's more about HOW you feel, not what size you wear or what number you see on the scale. No you have my interested - WHAT were you going to confess?!

  5. ooh a cliff hanger!! love it! i REALLY hope you confess this week!!

    i am sorry i am so sloooooow in getting here, the week really got away from me, but i really appreciate that you linked up!