Wednesday, February 8, 2012

College Elective Courses

I am sitting in psychology 101.
I took this elective because I thought that it would be interesting.
It is not.
However, this is not the information's fault, it is the professor's.
Apparently a 100 level course at a university should be the equivalent of that at a middle school.

I have realized that I hate intro-courses, which is what my electives primarily consist of.
I would rather take a 300/400 level political science or history class any day.

Unfortunately, I am taking my last two of those classes this semester.
That means that my next to semesters will be filled with these pointless electives
Rather than allowing me to continue taking political science and history classes, I have to make myself a "well-rounded individual" by studying other subjects.
I thought that was the point of my core classes, which I have also already completed.

So, rather than furthering my studies in history and political science, which would make just a tiny bit of sense, I will be taking 30 hours of electives my senior year.
30 hours.

So, it would make sense to add another major or minor, right?
Apparently not, because Charleston Southern University's process in adding majors/minors is insanely ridiculous.

I am a tiny bit frustrated.