Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Confessional Round Two


I confess that...

As much as I LOVE my job, I am dreading the end of my summer! Band camp starts for the high school I teach at on Monday.
We have two weeks of band camp followed by one week of percussion camp. Then I would have a week off before school starts, BUT because of my vice presidency at CSU, I have to move onto campus a week earlier than the rest of the students.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and coworkers, I LOVE band, and I am THRILLED about being CSU's VP... BUT this has all cut my summer 4 weeks short!
Did I mention that I have had one of the BEST summers of my life? Well, I have. It just cannot be ending already!!!

I am a little very scared about school this semester. I am going to have SO much going on with work and student government. Not to mention, my two favorite professors are not returning to CSU... Ahhh!!! Oh, and my student government advisor, the Dean of Students (who I loved), is not coming back either.
I was hit with all of this over the past few weeks, and I'm not going to lie, I almost had a panic attack! It is my junior year and I feel like I am having to start all over again. However, I am SO glad they all didn't decide to get up and leave right before my senior year!
I just hope that my grades stay where they are. I am a straight-A student, and it is important to me that I continue to be one. Bring on the stress :) I am superwoman!

I can't believe I am halfway done at CSU! The past two years have went by so fast. I have a strange feeling that the next two are going to move even faster. I wish time would slow down a little bit, I still have not figured out what exactly is going to come next in life. Do I go straight to law school? Which law school? Do I take a few years off for an internship or a
job? What kind, and where at? I have NO clue about what to do yet. The scary part? I need to be almost positive about what im going to do this time next year. It feels just like yesterday that u was saying "I have 3 years to figure that out!" the time to decide will be here before I know it, when it comes I hope I am ready!

Whew! That felt good to release!
Have anything you want to confess?


  1. Are you in Band??!! So cool if you are! I played clarinet and put myself through college on band and choir scholarships. My job before it got revamped was as the secretary to the band department, so music is close to my heart.

    So glad you came by my blog today! Hope you have a great weekend before it all starts up again.

  2. I am a relatively new reader (I pick one person every week who linked up to confessionals on Dandelion Wishes) so hi! I am enjoying your blog.....and don't sweat it. God has a plan for you, it will all work out. Shout out to band people....I played trumpet, bass trumpet, and baritone for 4 years of grade school and 4 years of high that you are continuing during college.