Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My life is not my own...
I have been living it like it is lately.
And, for that, I am sincerely sorry.

This semester I developed a new attitude.
I began constantly thinking,
"what about what I want?"
...in every situation.

For some of you, this makes no sense at all.
Why should I apologize for putting myself first?
It just isn't. Life is so much bigger than me.

I have been called to live a life, serving God first, others second, and myself last.
I used to pride myself for doing so, 
and I am sorry that I haven't lately.

And, for those of you who think this is crazy...
From personal experience,
 I am much happier when I live my life for God and for others
than when I do for myself.

Now, to spare confusion...
This does not mean that I don't ever need to think about what I want.
It just means that I don't need to make myself center of the universe.

So, to my friends and family...
I am sorry for my selfishness.
I know that it is not something I can just turn off,
but I am working hard to fix my attitude.

Please pray for me to stay focused on God and the calling that He has for my life!

I love you all. <3

"We're the ones,
Gonna put it all in reverse,
Gonna die to ourselves,
Gonna live to serve,
Cause you get what you get when you walk by faith,
 Is it really so dumb to throw it all away?

They say it sounds insane,
We say that we've been changed,
By the power of...
This world it looks at us, like we're ridiculous,
Baby, it's all because,

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