Thursday, October 13, 2011

way to offend me.

I have GOT to get this off of my chest!


I saw this on someone’s shirt today…

"The African Hellacaust
This has been a long journey over the years. America owes black people an enormous debt. Having refused to atone for the sins of kidnapping and enslaving over 100 million people of African descent. All black people should be considered eligible for reparations, because they are direct descendants of slaves."

I am willing to risk being called a racist today by saying that this shirt is a display of ignorance.

Slavery was a terrible, atrocious institution that America maintained.
However, it was abolished quite some time ago.
Does that erase the fact that it happened? Not at all.
Did the abolition of slavery immediately establish a life of a equality for African Americans?  Not even slightly.
The oppression of the rights of African Americans following the abolition of slavery remained until the 1960s.

Now, back to the shirt.
Perhaps if this shirt was worn by someone who endured a life of inequality and had to fight for the rights they have today, it would make a little more sense.
But then again, it wouldn’t even make complete sense, because the shirt solely focuses on slavery.

To the person wearing the shirt…
I do not know you.
But, I do know that you are a 21-year-old who has the SAME rights that I have today.
I know that you have had the rights you have today your entire life.
Do you really think you deserve compensation from America for the institution of slavery?
Do you deserve to receive more than I do because your great-great-great-(possibly even more great) grandparents were slaves and mine MIGHT have been owners?
Will it make you feel better for today’s society to pay for something that they had no involvement in or control over?

Stop using the issue of slavery to make people feel sorry for you.
I don’t feel sorry for you at all.
No, actually I do feel sorry for you.
I feel sorry that you are ignorant enough to have the attitude that America owes YOU something.
That attitude should get you far in life. 
Good luck with that.

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